We are a leading employee leasing service providers in India, offering cost-effective and efficient Human Resource Management services to organizations that may not have the necessary infrastructure to perform these labor-intensive tasks.

If you hire us as your temporary staffing agency, we would work just like your organization’s own HR Department, minus the tediousness and hassles that you would have dealt with.

Highlights of our temporary staffing

Temporary employees who stays on our rolls

Handling of standard contractual procedures

Payroll handling and personnel administration

Statutory compliance, remittance of statutory payments, and other administrations

Employee registration under ESIC & EPF schemes for the employees

Staff Augmentation

“Use of outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organization”

Staff augmentation is incredibly common in today’s competitive environments. One of the most significant trends in today’s business is the increase in the use of contingent workers, across organizations globally.

Today, contingent work manifests itself in many working models, the most common being staff augmentation

Scenarios in which companies leverage staff augmentation

Increased Capacity

Increase in labor to meet the temporary spike in everyday work (Project work, Increase in Production, Spikes in demand, Seasonal business etc.)Increase in labor to meet the temporary spike in everyday work (Project work, Increase in Production, Spikes in demand, Seasonal business etc.)

Bridge to hire

An approach to provide capacity while you hire a permanent team

Specialized Skills

Specialized skills that you may need for a period of time


Flexible resources to gain competitive advantage

Types of Staff Augmentation


A set of resources without specific specialization


Resources with certain skills and expertise


Resources with high skills and Experience to meet your budget and timelines.


With over 200,000 payrolls processed per month, Vedainfo is the ultimate leader in this competitive market. We handle all your payrolls activity, starting from consolidating the current payroll inputs to the processing of the final payroll. Our experts are designed to provide multiple outputs alongside some statutory computations and some filings. No matter how challenging the requirement is, we will manage it with efficiency and accuracy.

We ensure, for an end to end payroll service, avoid wasting of time, and catch up with your team, right away. We help you with necessary statutory compliance’s to the basic payroll calculations. Through transparent communication and complete confidentiality, we ensure you get the best quality service in payroll outsourcing while maintaining confidentiality.

Payroll Services

  • Payroll compliance and processing
  • We offer pay-slip generation with tax details and CTC
  • Online investment declaration along with tax calculator
  • We offer professional tax advice and returns submission
  • Help you with proper PF filing, advice and monthly return
  • Offer ESIC return and TDS advice
  • Offer in handling full & final settlement process for exiting employees
  • Query management
  • Employee self-service
  • Client Admin Self Service Portal

Advantages of outsourcing payroll

Payroll Outsourcing is essential for small, medium, and large businesses to ascertain tax obligations, preparing payroll alternatives, and providing management reports. To make this payroll process suave, you need to outsource your payroll requirements to a well-experienced outsourcing company like us.

Several advantages of outsourcing
payroll services

Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing adds-on a managed services program by focusing on pre-determined job categories through a dedicated sourcing channel. In these cases, Vedainfo’s recruiters – rather than staffing suppliers, fill the contract assignments by meeting the needs of small to mid-market and enterprise customers.

As a result, your organization received efficient sourcing without sacrificing talent quality.

Managed Direct Sourcing leverages your brand and uses programmatic advertising technology to maximize a wide variety of sources, including your careers page, referral programs and source them from hundreds of job sites.

Our motto is “Hire better, Hire faster, and Hire cheaper”

We help your organization by

In current scenario, the contingent programs rely on staffing suppliers using simple applicant tracking systems and recruiters manually source and contacting candidates. Our Managed Direct Sourcing program utilizes direct sourcing technology, which is a combination of the latest and greatest advances in recruitment technology. We have spend at least 30-70% less time than other competitors in getting you the best industry talents.

Managed Capacity

In current scenario, some of the most prominent challenges companies facing are, the unpredictable demands of customers and disruptive industries. These along with the increasing expectation of personalized customer service are creating bundle of concerns in every industry.

While companies continue their day to day business, they also work hard to catch up with these rapidly changing demands. At the same time, they also work as per demands from leaders to meet their target segments without compromising on their standards.

Under these industry circumstances, companies make their human resource investments based on their target for the digital products or processes. They also ensure that, the resources are aware of the know-how method. However in real-life events don’t always go as planned;

Changing industry dynamics

To help on above scenarios, Vedainfo introduces “Managed Capacity” model.

The word “capacity” is defined by the amount of business package output at the end of each sprint, which is calculated by the number of team members working using the agile methodology – a project management standard for every Vedainfo project.

To summarize with an example; a team of 5 people running a 2 week long (10 working days) sprint provides a total capacity of (10 working days x 5 people) 50 person*day for the company they’re working for. Going forward, using the agile methodology, business packages will be defined and be included inside every sprint planning based on mutual agreement of each party.

Vedainfo initiates a cost-plan for each of its clients, specific to their unique needs and thus positions itself as a strong business partner to help reach Your targets by relieving you from old-fashioned waterfall project execution or fixed price arrangements.

“Managed” part of the model has 2 aspects to it; first one being mix of team members. Based on the technology stack preferences of its customers and Vedainfo staff know-how, a team can consist of members for multiple platforms – java, .net, mobile, analyst, tester, UX/UI, front-end, etc. – and different numbers of people for that platform.

The team members can not only change in quantity according to the fluctuation of high & low business demands but also can change in discipline (replacing java engineers with mobile or decreasing number of analysts and increasing testing specialists due to requirements). Thus ensuring the customers have the flexibility based on business requirements.

Second aspect of the managed part of this model is team management & dynamics. Running the Managed Capacity model, Vedainfo team includes a role inside the team to act as a project manager or scrum master who is also the single point of contact for customer communications.

This SPOC check and resolves the issues like satisfaction of team members within the team, encourage team synergy, ensures seniority balance and the correct distribution of responsibilities.

Project Management & Delivery

Project and Delivery management has been in Vedainfo’s DNA for decades. We have delivered thousands of projects on schedule and within budget, while ensuring compliance for all operational requirements.

Vedainfo provides Project Delivery services for business-critical projects. We have highly experienced project and program management industry experts who have successfully delivered projects on time, to the agreed scope and within budget.

Independent Accountability to ensure Successful Project Delivery.

We offer multi-skilled expert teams comprising of program and project managers, Change Managers and Business or System Analysts. Our experts bring a high level of independent accountability to project management & delivery. We maintain consistent deliveries and hence ensuring successful projects for end users.

By working closely with all stakeholders, our Delivery Managers ensures that project scope is clearly understood and agreed upfront. Vedainfo’s methodologies are combined with a pragmatic approach, alongside excellent project governance and assurance. We ensure all stakeholders are engaged and fully on-boarded for successful project completion.

Project Delivery as a Service not stand-alone Resource.

For every Vedainfo’s resource, we have a support structure to ensure the projects are delivered as per your organization’s standards. We provide additional support as needed from the heads of Department and cross-functional teams, which includes Testing or Development specialists.

Executive sponsorship and effective client communications also contribute to the successful project delivery. If a project scope changes, Vedainfo’s can readily flex and scale a project team, bringing in additional experts in specialized fields, or adjusting the team size to align with existing in-house resources as required.

Vedainfo has extensive experience across a wide range of projects and deliveries in multiple domains. Such as

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