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Vedainfo provides JDA services with numerous certified and experienced JDA Solutions experts. They are well experienced with implementation, upgrade, integration and administration of JDA solutions. 

We believe in JDA’s latest suite of retail solutions. This enables to value-add capabilities to our clients as well as remain proactive in the forefront of retail solutions and platforms.

JDA Service Highlights

Industry-leading supply chain solutions. End-to-end visibility. Demand and inventory optimization. Streamlined logistics and transportation management. Advanced AI and analytics. Enhanced workforce planning. Exceptional customer experience. Scalable and adaptable platform. Empowering businesses to navigate complexities, optimize operations, and achieve supply chain excellence.

Categorized Services

The JDA Category Management solution enables category management Experts to move from manually intensive tasks to, offering proactive, analytics driven insights that collaboratively grow category wise sales and margins for both suppliers and retailers.

Implementation Services

JDA Implementation enhances and translates key consumer insights into pinpointed allocations, which further fine tune and optimize store-specific product assortments across entire retail organization. The solution offers supreme scalability and configurable allocation methodologies. It also helps in flexible options to suit retailer’s business needs.

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