Transforming businesses with Immutable Trust

Blockchain is a technological transformation for business transactions. At Vedainfo, we help you to capture blockchain value with our solution and technology-agnostic approach.

We have designed and developed distributed ledger technology for both public and private blockchain, including custom tokens, individual nodes and hash algorithms.

Our proprietary protocols provide templates for proof of work and definition, reducing double-spending errors and the need for obsolete third parties integrations.

Harnessing the power of Blockchain for secure and transparent transactions.

Our blockchain services revolutionize industries by harnessing the power of decentralized, secure, and transparent transactions. We offer end-to-end solutions, including blockchain development, implementation, and consulting. With expertise in creating proof of concepts, developing wallets and exchange solutions, and building decentralized blockchain networks, we enable organizations to embrace the transformative potential of blockchain technology.

Our services empower businesses with enhanced security, efficiency, and trust, opening up new opportunities for innovation and growth in various sectors.

Segments we serve

Our blockchain development services ensure customized solutions for crypto currency trading, real-estate contract management, insurance claim management, and supply chain management. Benefit from enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency while gaining insights and preventing counterfeits in your operations.


Blockchain software solutions

Vedainfo specializes in creating blockchain software solutions that seamlessly integrate blockchain with business processes. Our services include developing and delivering proof of concepts, wallet and exchange solutions, and decentralized blockchain solutions.

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