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Vedainfo offers two categories of services: Employer Record (ER) and Agency Record (AR).

As an Employer of Record, we engage your direct sourced resources to take over HR functions and ensure compliance with all labor laws and regulations of that country or location.

As an Agency of Record, we offer you full redress of contingent labor resource, misclassification risks and help streamline your entire workforce program.

Our way of working

Our Offshore

Employer Record (ER) Services

  • On-boarding
  • Background Checks inclusive of Drug
  • Visa Compliance
  • Exempt or Non-Exempt Classification
  • Payroll and Benefits Management
  • Business Insurance and Resource Compensation
  • Consultant Engagement
  • Indemnification or compensation for actual loss

IC Compliance Services

  • IRS Multi-Factor Test
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Economic Realities Test
  • Federal Tests such as Tax, Wage per Hour, Unemployment and Workers Compensation
  • Validation or verification of Certificate of Insurance
  • Independent Contractor engagement negotiation
  • Advanced Payment to Independent consultant

Agent Record (AR) Services

  • Supplier On-boarding (including client flow-down agreement management)
  • Worker On-boarding
  • Insurance, Regulatory & Workforce Authorization Compliance
  • Single Invoice & Minority Spend Capture
  • Consultants Engagement

Transition Management Services offered

  • PMO (Project or Program Management Office)
  • Vendor Consolidation under Vedainfo’s Pay+ application
  • Indemnification

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