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Microsoft Dynamics 365


365 = (AX7 + CRM + Much Much More) on Cloud

A futuristic, savvy and unmatched business software applications suite: Fusion of complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) and CRM, on the cloud.

Dynamics 365 amalgamates, into a completely integrated service on Cloud, the best of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and customer relationship management (CRM) from Microsoft. Dynamics 365 intimately and deeply integrates with Office 365 allowing highly customized implementation. Critical business processes including operations, sales, marketing, customer service, finance, project service automation and field service can be implemented and customised with highly advanced productivity applications from Microsoft stable.


Dynamics 365 is obtainable as Enterprise and Business editions. Enterprise edition meets the needs of large as well as many medium enterprises. Business edition meets the needs of small and medium business (SMB) firms. The subscriptions offered are “per app” or “per user” and also “role based” with purpose-built apps.

Microsoft Dynamics 365


Microsoft Dynamics 365

MS Dynamics CRM

Marketing Automation

Social Engagement



Vedainfo’s purpose is to contribute for positive change by becoming the trusted partner of choice for customers and stake holders, and achieve global leadership position in select domains.

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Dynamics 365 integrates Microsoft’s CRM online solution with strong ERP, that is Dynamics AX7 (Operations) for enterprise edition and a newly developed “Financials” module for business edition.

Based on your organization size and needs, you could elect CRM online solution with Operations or with Financials.

On the secure Azure cloud platform the entire apps are accessible, from anywhere anytime.

Dynamics 365– Enterprise edition


Dynamics 365– Business edition


Dynamics 365 is built on a common data set. Across CRM, ERP and office 365 one common data set can be used. It simplifies data management. Allows smooth and coherent integration across various applications and business processes.



Dynamics is built to give great flexibility. It offers innovative plans to suit all kinds and sizes of organizations. Start with small functionality, limited set of features and processes, based on your current needs and scale and expand as the needs change, as organization grows or bring in additional processes.

The swift and flexible applications will help growth of business and in real time processes can be composed, modified and extended. Users, especially business users, can change and adapt sans IT support. Organizations can visualize, reimagine and reinvent themselves with a great platform which is robust, pliable, extensible and expandable Dynamics platform.


Hook up structured workflows of business processes and applications with unorganized collaborative work, by using the productivity tools that form part of Dynamics 365 platform.


To attain optimal outcomes for both customers and employees, the native applications imbue the business processes with big data, futuristic analytics and internet of things (IoT). Dynamics 365 converts and transforms data into definitive and actionable intelligence.

Using Microsoft’s Power BI and Cortana Intelligence, which are embedded in Dynamics 365, organizations can achieve business goals with prognostic insights, sound advise and the possible next steps that can get going. Business functions like field service are enormously benefited by being able to take advance action using Azure IoT’s ability to get device data and use it.


Dynamics 365’s user experience is simple, familiar and intuitive due to the users historic exposure to windows and MS office.


It is a fusion between business process and personal productivity, the deep integration of Dynamics 365 and Office 365. Seamless integration between the two has made it easy for the users to integrate business process with the word, excel and email. The need to flip between apps and a lot of cut and paste activity is minimalized or eliminated. Structured workflow of business apps and the unstructured work collaboration and productivity are entwined with Dynamics 365. This means empowerment to users and creates a rich experience and great productivity.


Securely access critical business data from anywhere, anytime and any device as Dynamics 365 is deployed in secure Azure cloud platform.


Dynamics 365 comes in two variants: Enterprise Edition for large organizations and Business Edition for SMEs. The Business edition of Dynamics 365, is suitable for companies with 10 to 250 users/employees, which includes Financials, Sales, and Marketing modules. The Enterprise edition is suitable for enterprises with more than 250 users/employees which includes operations, sales, marketing, customer service, field service, and project service automation modules.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition
Operations Financials
Sales Sales*
Marketing Marketing*
Customer Service  
Field Service  
Project Service Automation  
Includes embedded business intelligence, PowerApps and Flow Includes embedded business intelligence, PowerApps and Flow

*Available in 2017


Conventionally, business applications are purchased in silos. They are bought as Business applications to support individual functions of business or based on departmental needs. Dynamics 365 allows licensing by application (financials, operations, sales, etc.), also has a great option to buy based on an individual’s personalized role. This new path breaking role-based approach gives the flexibility to support more nimble, more disparate user/employee roles, empowering them with cross functional access traversing all applications within Dynamics 365.


There are two ways the Dynamics 365 can be bought, by application or based on individual’s role.

  • Application licensing: Individual modules such as Marketing or Operations or Sales within the Dynamics 365 suite can be purchased.
  • Role-Based Licensing: This uncommon and remarkable licensing model is designed to assist organizations support their users/employees and the real business scenario roles they perform by giving them access to multiple modules within Dynamics 365. Example, production/plant managers do a better job when they can see the sales pipeline.
  • Full usage rights to PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to create new apps or workflows and easily expand and edit the existing ones is provided to the users in role-based licensing.
  • Organization pays once for the access to the capabilities they need irrespective of the which application the access resides in. This way role based licensing increases the Return on Investment (ROI). Software packages from competition demands customers to buy licenses for multiple applications, which increases the cost many fold.

Apart from the two main licensing options, Microsoft offers low priced Team member licensing. It is a very cost effective and a choice for organizations for the light users who may need very limited access of any business application. This Team member may be a data entry operator or a production assistant who must enter materials received or review production data or someone who has to update their changed contact information in HR records. Team Member license enables such users/employees to accomplish these kind of tasks on their own without relying on others.


ERP, CRM and Azure cloud. These three successful products from Microsoft are consolidated and form the core of Dynamics 365. It has the capability and power to implement Dynamics 365 tailor made to the exact needs of an industry and needs of business by increasing and customizing the functionality with the apps from Microsoft AppSoruce.

Microsoft AppSource is an exchange where Dynamics 365 customers and users can easily find and evaluate Software as a Service (SaaS) Applications, add-ins and content packs from built by Microsoft and its partners. These apps are built on top of Dynamics 365, Cortana Intelligence, Office 365 and the Azure platform. Enterprises get solutions tailored to its industry that work with the applications they already use.

Dynamics 365, to integrate with applications and services from AppSource provides connectors. Connectors are also available to integrate custom APIs and on premise systems.

Also, Dynamics 365 offers a consistent business platform to easily build, modify and use, new and existing apps. This is achieved by using PowerApps, Power BI Embedded and Microsoft Flow by not so technically savvy organizations as well.


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