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I highly recommend Vedainfo as a good consulting company. I am on a contract basis as a Senior SDET through Vedainfo in 2013 in Seattle Area.

I am very happy about their services. I got paid on time every 2 weeks on W2 payroll.

I would highly recommend Vedainfo to anyone who would like to join them.

Vedainfo Inc is a 14 year old IT solutions company.
Our passion is to transform the way business
gets done, with unique combination of world
class service, strategic thinking, creativity
and technological expertise. We design and
build powerful and meaningful IT business
systems. Onsite, Offsite and Offshore.




This is a specific combination of platform and tools, which have been popularized by the open source revolution. LAMP stands for Linux, Apache-My SQL-PHP. Linux is the operating system, Apache is the web server, My SQL is the database and PHP is the scripting language. Veda has executed substantial number of projects using this popular combination, which has given some insights into the performance tuning and optimal utilization of system resources.


Veda has developed a comprehensive competency in open source technologies and has handled such combinations under varied contexts. This has given our professional team a very good understanding of the technologies and the challenges of integrating them into diverse environments.


Veda has developed a step-by-step methodology for developing systems using LAMP, which addresses al such integration challenges. This has been leveraged on many occasions to help our clients reduce the time of deployment as well as manage the inherent integration risks.




web logic

web sphere






share point

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Vedainfo’s purpose is to contribute for positive change by becoming the trusted partner of choice for customers and stake holders, and achieve global leadership position in select domains.

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